Destination Europe is a multidisciplinary company offering a broad range of immigration related services. Our mission is to help investors to find solutions suit their immigration related needs and to provide services that go beyond their expectations.
In recent years, Malta is successful with its citizenship and residence programs. DE is an accredited agent for Malta citizenship and residence programs. It has entered into strategic partnerships with immigration companies worldwide to promote these programs in these countries.
DE has been actively promoting these programs. Now DE has assisted thousands of investors from all over the world to obtain the residency and citizenship in Malta.DE is also committed to utilize its expertise to help other European countries as well as non-European countries to develop similar programs.
DE also offers a wide range of financial and business services to investors, including international tax consulting, the setting up of companies and notarization services. Many Chinese and Asian investors have opted to branch their businesses to Malta and to relocate their families to the beautiful Mediterranean island.
Joseph Vella Bonnici
Charlon Gouder
Dr Charlon Gouder graduated as a Doctor of Laws from the University of Malta and holds a BA (Hons) degree in Communication Studies and Music Studies. Dr Gouder is multilingual, being fluent in English and Maltese and proficient in French.
Dr Gouder specializes in immigration law, planning law and criminal law. He was admitted to the Bar in 2015. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and legal representative of the Maltese Federation of Aquaculture Producers, one of Malta’s major export industries.
A leading journalists and broadcast personality, Dr Gouder ran his own daily radio and television programmes, some of which won honors at the Malta Journalism Awards.
Dr Joseph Vella Bonnici was the founder and first Executive Chair of Identity Malta, the Government agency that is responsible for immigration and citizenship matters. Under his tenure, Malta launched the first citizenship programme as well as the Malta Residence and Visa Programme.
Dr Vella Bonnici has held executive posts and directorships in various Maltese companies, both within the public and private sectors.
Dr Vella Bonnici is a Commonwealth scholar, and obtained a master’s degree in Public Policy from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. In 2016 he attained a doctorate in international business from the University of Loughborough in the UK.
Dr Vella Bonnici has lectured at the University of Malta, the London School of Economics and Henley Business School.